Metal Rivets

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Metal Rivets are suitable for cold forming and are used in a variety of products, such as barrels, metal gates
and fences.

They can be either tubular or semi tubular.  Which fastener to use depends on issues such as stress and shearing.  For strength and durability, Steel Solid Rivets work the best. Metal Rivets are often used in applications where extremely high joint strength is required, such as aircraft landing gear, automobile brake shoes, or mining and construction equipment.  Typically, materials such as stainless steel are used to make these types of rivets.  Steel Rivets include flat head, pan head, round head and shoulder-type rivets. The head may be of various shapes, but the shank must be of sufficient length to accommodate the thickness of the parts to be joined and to allow for the formation of the clinch head.  Metal Rivets such as Stainless Steel Rivets are used primarily for lap joints. 


Steel Rivets

Unlike some other types of fasteners, Steel Rivets swell up in the hole and provide extra support. Plastic rivets have gained some popularity for applications that do not have high strength requirements. They are typically more expensive than Metal Rivets and are used to join plastic to plastic, fiberglass to fiberglass, or plastic to metal.

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