Drive Rivets


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Rapid Rivet is a distributor of Drive Rivets that can be used for different purposes, whether for General Purpose Drive
Rivets or Trailer Liner Drive Rivets. Drive Rivets are a subcategory of blind rivet that is characterized by a short mandrel protruding from the head that allows for driving with a striking tool, such as a hammer, that flairs out the end inserted in the hole. This is used to join wood panels together since the hole does not need to be drilled all the way through. Concerns for appearance would be the paramount reason why someone would use such a General Purpose Drive Rivet.

General Purpose Drive Rivets

General Purpose Drive Rivets can also be used with plastic, metal, and other materials. They usually require no tool other than a hammer and possibly a backing block placed behind the location of the rivet while hammering it into place. General Purpose Drive Rivets can be used in woodworking as well as other jobs where the rivet itself must be seamlessly incorporated into the craft of joining the elements without bringing attention to itself.

Trailer Liner Drive Rivets

Another type of Drive Rivet is the Trailer Liner Drive Rivet. This type of rivet, just like the General Purpose Drive Rivets, can be put in place with the use of a hammer. Trailer Liner Drive Rivets can be used to hold a trailer liner in place, whether the trailer is wood or metal. Liners, such as nylon, need to be held in place but not show tears or rips.

Our catalog can offer any type of Drive Rivets including both General Purpose and Trailer Liner Drive Rivets. Contact us to inquire about these, as well as other products, including recoil wire inserts and aerospace solid rivets.