Stainless Steel Rivets From An Experienced Master Distributor

Stainless steel rivets are tough industrial fasteners that are frequently used in the assembly of stainless steel structures and equipment. They are used when strength is needed and resistance to temperature and corrosion are a paramount concern. These rivets are available in a range of different types, including solid rivets, blind rivets, semi-tubular rivets, rivet nuts, and threaded inserts.

The reliability of these rivets are a direct result of stainless steel’s material properties. Stainless steel’s chromium content helps prevent corrosion, staining, and surface wear that can occur in potentially corrosive environments and conditions. In addition to anti-corrosive attributes, stainless steel provides strength and durability due to its iron and nickel content. This metal is available in many different grades that offer various properties unto themselves. These properties hold true in rivets manufactured from a variety of stainless steel grades, such as 316 stainless steel—and others from the 300 series like 302 HQ, 304L, and 305—430 stainless steel, and A-286 stainless steel rivets among others.

Stainless Steel Solid Rivets And Blind Rivets For Your Industrial Needs

We reliably provide all manner of rivets made from stainless steel to OEMs, hardware and fastener distributors, and other professionals in aerospace, marine, automotive and transportation, food service, construction, media, and petroleum, chemical and fuel processing industries. If you require solid rivets, blind rivets, and other types that meet with unique industrial standards or component specs, send us an RFQ and an experienced member of our team will provide you with a quote and all of the information you require.

Answers To Your Common Questions On Stainless Steel Rivets

Have questions? We have the answers. Many of our customers ask if our stainless steel rivets are DFARS 252.225.7008-7009 compliant. We are proud to say that most of the rivets we stock meet with this specification. We can even provide details on which of our stainless steel rivets are DRC Conflict Mineral Free.

Our customers also frequently ask what alloys or grades of stainless steel rivets are available. We carry the following:

•  A-286 series: Also called a "super alloy", this is a high strength, high-temperature alloy most commonly used in jet aircraft engines.

•  300 (18-8) series: This is the most common alloy of stainless steel used for rivets. The "18-8" refers to 18% chromium, 8% nickel.

•  316 series: This is a non-magnetic stainless steel, used where a non-magnetic application is essential.  This alloy is used frequently in applications where in an acidic atmosphere is encountered.

•  347 series: This alloy exhibits high corrosion resistance at high temperatures and is commonly used in the aerospace industry.

•  430 series: This is a ferritic stainless steel, as it has little or no nickel content. It is less expensive than the 300 series stainless steels.     

How We Meet Your Rivet Requirements

As a master stocking distributor, we maintain an ample supply of rivets, including steel industrial rivetsstainless steel pop rivetsstainless steel blind rivets, and a range of mil-spec rivets. Our customers choose us because they know they’ll get attentive service, prompt order fulfillment and all necessary certifications. If you require comprehensive information on product dimensional tolerances, plating, materials testing and certification, RoHS, REACH, DFARS and DRC Conflict Minerals requirements, as well as other mil-spec and OEM specification details, we can satisfy your request.

Why Choose Us For Stainless Steel Rivets And More?

Our customers choose us because we meet their diverse requirements quickly, while striving to provide them with exceptional service. We have decades of experience meeting the needs of multi-line hardware distributors throughout the United States by providing high quality, competitively priced, controlled, domestically manufactured rivets of all types. Our capabilities allow us to complete orders of in-stock items in as little as 24 hours and promptly ship them worldwide. Our customers also appreciate our efficient and thorough sales process. When you’re ready to place your order, simply contact us. An experienced member of our team will get your account set up in just minutes and will do what it takes to give you the best purchasing experience.